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The ULTIMATE question

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On 7/1/2017 at 5:30 PM, Bazzi_ said:

Peace be upon you all

This past ramadan I've been having discussions back and forth with a number of people in regards to the soul, life, religion, and our end destination. 

Although some things were clarified, one of my questions kept going unanswered. In fact, people strayed away from it hitting me with a bunch of remedial evasions, which upset me. On top of this, my philosophy professor gave a lecture last week thats been driving me MAD. Ive been contemplating life and religion for the past week and I need some shiachat rectification!

So then, life's question:

1. Is our end destination, afterlife, Jannah, hellfire, whatever you'd like to call it, Physical or spiritual. Maybe the verses in holy books regarding an afterlife are meant to be interpreted in a symbolic way? Theres also the theory of a mix, that the hereafter is physical and spiritual, but that the body with which one is resurrected is not exactly the one that he has in this life, rather, it is like a shadow or an abstract of it. It will be perceived by any one as the same body, but it does not have the same physical and chemical mechanisms it had in this world.

The premise of my professors lecture was the process of teleportation, but I compared it to the process of resurrection and an afterlife, as for all these years I thought this is how it works. In basic terms, his theory was in regards to a teleportation machine. Something you could just walk into (death) and have it zap you someplace else (afterlife). Consider how this might work. You walk into the machine (you die), and it scans your body and records every last bit of detail, both physical and mental (angles). The machine then destroys your body and sends that information to the other machine (wherever you were wanting to travel to, in this case Heaven or hell). This other machine then creates, out of new matter, a body that is physically indistinguishable from your original body and places all the mental content of your mind into it. This is all done instantaneously. The person that walks out of the other end of that machine would think he/she is you. He/she would have a body that is physically indistinguishable from your body, he/she would have all your memories, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, desires, and all other mental content (after some spiritual cleansing of course). Is this not how life after death works?

2. The soul

Imagine we could do a brain transplant. Suppose you have cancer throughout your body but your brain is fine. What if we were able to remove your healthy brain from your cancer filled body and put it into a new healthy body? Supposing that all your mental content would remain intact, would the person who wakes up after the transplant be you--just in a new body? This poses the question of, what is the soul, its location, ext. If it can transfer worlds bodies, can the same be said for bodies in the after life?

I need some of the best shiachatters on this one

@hasanhh @Qa'im @notme @Hameedeh

Some things are simply unknown to mankind. No person from an immaterial world has ever come to discuss personal experiences after death. Not in any way that anyone here on this forum has experienced. Some people have hypotheses. But none know, despite their claims.

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