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8 minutes ago, Ozzy said:

Research, research, taqiyya ...

what aspects of sunnism do you agree with, what aspects of shiism do you agree with? personally i think listening to hassanain rajabali's shahr ramadan lectures for 2017 really helps!!

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3 hours ago, Smiles786 said:

I thought this was going to be about food.



Lol, if you mention sushi during Ramadan, the last thing Im going to think about are people with sunni and shia parents.

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Most of shia fiqh is supported by atleast one of the 4 imams of the sunni schools, I value their literature on these points as they serve as collaborating evidence for shia e.g. fiqh of tahara and salah.
Also, sunnism is a very diverse sect, there are many ideologies and movements. It is difficult to say which sunni aspects I like, because that particular aspect is most likely already found in shiaism.

I do find the tabligh model interesting which could work for Shia too but I have not come across it:
The basic principles could work for Shia:
[1] Shahada
[2] Salah
[3] Seeking knowledge (fiqh of Ahlul Bait عليهم السلام) and remembering Allah (we have many ziyaraat and supplications!)
[4] Sincerity
[5] Being loving to people
[6] Calling to Shahada

This is done systematically on a monthly basis where a mixed-group of youth and the elderly; preferably accompanied by a scholar, all retreat to a masjid out of town and spend the weekend learning and sharing ideas ...
Though this is not a 'sunni' issue, the movement was founded by a group of sufis in India, its methodology can be applied to a group of shia ...
It is a reformation movement and has influenced many people who were idle (addictions, gang culture etc) to make better their lives (by focussing on the above 6 points).
They generally promote to the members to be like the 'As'haab' and frequently do mention taking Fatima Zahra سلام الله عليها as a role model for women etc, the Shia would take issue since they have the belief that all the companions were good so be like any of them, from a shia perspective we can agree to this if we said 'all the the as'haab who were pro-Ahlul Bait عليهم السلام'. There have also been attempts by important members of this movement like Sheikh Tariq Jamil to promote tolerance and love between Sunnis and Shia, especially in Pakistan.

The movement is not allowed in certain regions of the Middle East. In any case, I like this non-shia model, which happens to be found among sunnis.

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I am shia, but I don't understand shia culture, reading about the Imams عليهم السلام and Shia is amazing, but the stuff that happens in the culture is sometimes strange, I live in a sunni culture.

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7 hours ago, Ozzy said:

Well I certainly agree with points in Shiism that are verified by Sunnism.

I believe that we Shias are on the right path and even the truth of what we believe is presented in Sunni books but many are either ignorant of the proof and/or misguided. 

I thought this thread was about Shia-Sunni couples? Where are they at? Am I one the few people here dating a-non sect-claiming Sunni? 

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