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[STUDY NOTES] The Linux Command Line

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Salam, Ya Ali (as) Madad, Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlulbayt (as)

Aliun Wali Allah Wajib


I will be typing up my study notes for the following book:


starting from next week inshaAllah. its part of my study into Kali Linux I realised that my knowledge is very limited, so decided to take a step back and learn Linux/Bash from the "bottom up". 

I will use this thread to revise by teaching others, and build up my own notes for memorisation inshaAllah. it might also be useful if other people who are familiar with the OS to discuss things I am stuck with as well. 

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for those who cannot afford the book or cannot buy it for whatever reason, there is a free online version of an older version here


Its pretty much the same content to be honest, only a few cosmetic changes. 

if you want to jump straight into the bash shell, then this is the best guide for you


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