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Why the hate for Jews??

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6 hours ago, Christianlady said:

 The Jewish people who survived were scattered around the world - the nations they came from are simply nations they fled to for survival after their own nation was destroyed by the pagan Romans.


Lots of tribes, etnical groups and nations have experienced this. Most of them are forgotten. 

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Hi.  I'm Jewish and this is my first post here.  I figured that this topic was as good as any for getting my feet wet.

I'm going to tell you a story that I think illustrates the matter of being "chosen people" pretty well. 

Our tradition says that as the children of Israel emerged from the sea, and as the waters closed around the armies of Pharoah, the Israelites were dumbstruck with wonder.  Then we began to sing a song of praise (a "shira" - a song of unconditional praises).  The choirs of angels began to sing in praise of God, as well, but God silenced them, saying,"My creations, the work of My Hand, is drowning in the sea, and you wish to sing a song?"

God loved the Egyptians, but Israel had God's work to do.

Andres is right.  Our Torah and our Prophets speak of Israel as having a special bond with God, and as part of that, we have a mission that we, frankly, aren't living up to.  God accomplishes a purpose in us - we've survived against all odds and despite our constant inability to live up to our covenant with Him.  Our existence is a testimony that there is a God and that there is always hope for redemption and repentance.  We bear witness in our history to God and His oneness and uniqueness and majesty.  If we're chosen for anything, it's that.

As far as why people hate us...

Some Christians look at us as betraying the Messiah.  Reading the gospel narratives, though, a small group of priests 2000 years ago manipulated the people and compelled the Roman procurator to execute Jesus.  If you want to be mad at Caiphas, then cool, but... the vast majority of Jews in history didn't try to crucify Jesus.  Like 99.9999% of us.

Some people think that we dominate business, and banking, and medicine, and Hollywood.  The thing is, for several hundred years, we were basically limited to selling other people's goods, moneylending, medicine, and storytelling.  Not our fault if we got good at those things.

Some people don't like that we didn't join their obviously true religions that supercede our claims to a covenant with God.  Paul seemed genuinely shocked that Jews weren't following Jesus in far greater numbers, and it presents a bit of an issue that the Jewish messiah hasn't been followed by the vast majority of Jews.  Islam has had less of this sort of issue, but Muhammad definitely seems to have been disappointed that Jews didn't welcome him as a prophet.

Some people are mad about the state of Israel - either for its existence or for the behavior of the state of Israel since the Six Day War.  Honestly, I have some pretty mixed feelings about Israel, particularly lately.  I think many Jews do.  

And then some people just hate us for breathing.  We can't do much about that.

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