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Intellectual Resistance

A review / assessment of 'The God Delusion'

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In the name of Allah , the beneficent the merciful.


In life, we are often raised in homes and communities, and from a very early age, it has an imprinting effect on us. By this, i mean we tend to form our world view which is ingrained into us and has a lasting effect until our death , from what we are taught about the world in our infancy and childhood. This is perhaps why you find almost overwhelmingly, the majority of people follow the religion of their parents. If you looked at the average adult in America, while atheism and islam are the fasting growing beliefs [ and atheists may be disapproving at my labelling atheism as such] , they generally follow what they were taught from a young age. We can discuss why these reasons are, or whether this is sufficient evidence to disprove the notion that it is really fair that life is a test of determining the truth [when our upbringing clearly holds enormous influence - but more in the genetic fallacy]. The most pertinent point here is that the majority of us are enclosed in a bubble of what we read and what we believe.

The sunni will rarely read the books of what the scholars of shia islam have written [other than aiming to refute it] nor consider fairly and openly the point of the shia's. The same applies for shia's with respect to sunni islam. No doubt, before venturing into other belief systems, one should have firm footing and grounding in their own, and hence, owing to my strong belief in God, based on rationality, and not purely emotion, as well as my firm footing in theism, i feel it is healthy to not enclose myself but rather to venture out and read what people who disagree with me have formed as their belief system - and what they think of mine.

As Aristotle has been attributed to have once said: " It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it ".

Thus, i will read 'The God Delusion' , but not with the intention of trying to accept it, or refute it, but with as open and balanced a mind as i can muster - though i will freely admit that to purely be as unbiased and balanced is not possible (we all have our preconceived judgements and beliefs). I will critique it, chapter by chapter, over time, inshAllah.

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On 30/06/2017 at 4:20 AM, iCambrian said:

icambrian is still waiting around twiddling his thumbs...*

I'm back. God-Willing i'll post some of my thoughts in the coming days on his key arguments, and i might go chapter by chapter.

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Dawkins should change the title to "Created god Delusion" .  Which infact are Delusions. 

When they talk about who created God. They inherently admit that They have  "Created" god in mind. So their base premise is flawed. And need to be pointed out. 

"The Eternal God" is not created. So the question is a smoke screen/ trap  and should be avoided. 

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