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Recently i had the chance to make major mental transformations due to a Taoist teacher i met for the second time at a retreat. For me this experience was very important because it made me be able to deal with thing that i don't like or hate on a different level of understanding. 

Because of my alternative views on certain issues, I often find insulting posts against me and people trying to offend me. Even with this the Taoist mentality has helped me how to deal with it at least on a theoretical level at this point.

Here is my experience and knowledge in a nutshell:

  • Tao = path
  • they put a lot of importance in identifying and understanding the evolution from singular unity to the manifestation of creations.
  • It starts with the Wuji (represented by an empty circle), then goes to the Taiji , which is the Yin Yang, as well as represented by a broken and unbroken line.
  • It moves on to having all possible combinations of broken and unbroken lines to form 4 possibilities.
  • then, finally the quantity of the taiji and the quality represented by the next step result in the 8 trigrams. 8 different combinations of 3 broken and unbroken lines.
  • the 8 combinations of trigrams then evolve into all of creations, and eventually go back to the wuji



These eight trigrams represent and resonate all kinds of aspects, and can be related to anything. These are called the Bagua.

When talking to the  master i asked him certain questions that led so some new revelations to me. 

  1. when asked how i can apply the idea of the Bagua to life, he said that basically each trigram represents good or bad things. And that we should accept them. For instance, one trigram represents Marshes. They also represent doors, and teach us how to deal with closed or open doors in life.
  2. When i asked him if we can use the taoist philosophy and knowledge of how creation works to make the world a better place, he had a very interesting reaction. He insisted that me wanting to make the world a better place, was purely for selfish reasons. He said that the reason why i wanted to help others was actually to help myself. I couldn't deny that to be honest, and it put things into perspective for me.
  3. He went further to say the bagua teaches us further lessons of acceptance. He said that if i wanted to 'change' others i will have to be accepted by them after accepting them. He already explained that one should accept everything, so i asked him what about the example of having children who fight and treat each other wrong. Shouldn't one interfere? He said that one will do what one believes, but that if one knew the consequences of interference, one wouldn't end up changing anything. He said interestingly that if something is bad, and i change it to good, that is one step. But that good then can at later stages or steps change into something majorly bad. At the same time the bad, if left alone, could become something good in the future.
  4. I asked about hate, and he said that goes against the philosophy, as hatred is a result of not understanding. If we understood the reasons behind everything, then we will not hate, as we will understand why and how the thing became the way we dislike it. For instance, a person who hurts us was abused as a kid, and therefore hurts us, which might be the core reason. It could be that the person never had the chance to learn a better way of conducting.
  5. So the teacher the confused me a little bit by saying that we should be careful of accepting the bad, because then we become part of it. So i was thinking of zionism for instance. According to Taoism we should accept it as if it was one of the trigrams that was created from the Wuji. So i told him 'how is that possible? what should one do?'. So he went on to explain that for instance Laozi was put in to the position that he was at odds with the government of the city he was living in. So he went and lived in the forest until the times changed, and a government took over that could accept his mentality. So even if one accepts, one should stay away from the bad. 
  6. The key thing here for me was that he explained how to cause change one must be accepted by the persons one wants to change. Even if one accepts them. So unless one is accepted, one is wasting ones time trying to change people.
  7. Finally, he explained that the reasons why governments are bad ( he gave todays situation as an example in case of so many governments ) is because of the time. Each time has a certain feel to it, and when the times are bad, the government will be bad. And that one should wait for a better time, when people will be ready for a good rulership.


It was food for thought, and helped me a lot in coming to terms with life. Al Hamdu liLah

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Amazing sayings!


The Sage is occupied with the unspoken

and acts without effort.

Teaching without verbosity,

producing without possessing,

creating without regard to result,

claiming nothing,

the Sage has nothing to lose.


There is no crime greater than greed

No disaster greater than discontentment

No fault greater than avarice

Thus the satisfaction of contentment

is the lasting satisfaction


Fame or the self, which is dearer?

The self or wealth, which is greater?

Gain or loss, which is more painful?


Thus excessive love must lead to great spending

Excessive hoarding must lead to heavy loss


Knowing contentment avoids disgrace

Knowing when to stop avoids danger

Thus one can endure indefinitely


Everyone in the world calls my Tao great

As if it is beyond compare

It is only because of its greatness

That it seems beyond compare

If it can be compared

It would already be insignificant long ago



I have three treasures

I hold on to them and protect them

The first is called compassion

The second is called conservation

The third is called not daring to be ahead in the world

Compassionate, thus able to have courage

Conserving, thus able to reach widely

Not daring to be ahead in the world

Thus able to assume leadership

Now if one has courage but discards compassion

Reaches widely but discards conservation

Goes ahead but discards being behind

Then death!

If one fights with compassion, then victory

With defense, then security

Heaven shall save them

And with compassion guard them


- Lao Tzu 

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