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Mansur Bakhtiari


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Salam alaikom

I remember the last poetry challenge was pretty cool, so I'm making another one. 


  • Black or White (one colour must be part of your poem)
  • Life/Death
  • Distractions
  • The number 10 (incorporate it in any way you want)
  • Modern lifestyles
  • Emotions
  • Ramadan

It can be any kind of poem. Religious, funny, blackout-style, anything


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

May the 10th of Ramadan be a day when my heart wears a garment of black

May your death linger in my saddened heart be a diversion from the joys of iftar

May this Ramadan and every one until my death be dedicated to you, Oh Mother of Ahle Bait

May my soul be sacrificed for you! 

I have no need of the joys of modern life, one of diversions and distractions


Oh Allah! Please do bless Muhammad and his Family. And Oh Allah! Please do send your la'an upon their enemies and oppressors!

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It was the days of white wonder

we were in 10s, there was rain and thunder

1 umbrella and 3 went in

for other 7 little lives no shelter to be seen

Iftar was near and had to reach home clear

Pizza on the table, modern day eatable

Night vigil was gone binge watching on

Technological distraction took on the society

In the holy month of Ramazan, anxiety was in and out was piety.



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Black moon you grew


Like my Black heart

Starved bright


White moon

When you return black--

Will my heart?


10 months of 12 see it gather

The black soot of sin

The suffocation of distractions

The death of my soul

From worldy distractions


Oh *Ramadan,

You come and go

But this year, my heart,

Stay white as snow?

*Month of

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