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Patient Obedient

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سبحان الله

Salam Alaikum, oh brothers and sisters around the globe!

Jazak Allah Khair.


May the Lord forgive,

For I am a sinner,

Read the poem below,

For I am in error,


A poor creation,

Full of wisdom he was,

Turns in my distraction,

I asked him the following,

Why are you here?

So he responded,

Like a bee visits it's flower,

I shall be a victor with patience.


He made the day,

Where prayers still continued,

A day of joy,

I met a true believer,

Shall I be accepted,

May the Lord forgive.


I accepted his presence in my residence,

He told me,

I shall come where your knowledge has no reach,

Days passed,

Weeks passed,

Why did the true believer,

Yet poor in it's entirety,

Not come to visit?


Indeed he came,

With people around him,

Who I all did not recognize by their faces,

Indeed he knew,

Where my knowledge passed,

And where my knowledge has not passed.


I accepted their presence in my residence,

Their mouth full of signs,

Signs which was told to me in my ears,

I asked the true believer,

Why did it took so long, oh true believer?

So he responded,

Like a bee visits it's flower,

I shall be a victor with patience,

Do you see my poor look,

Wasted like the moon drops itself from our reach,

Do you see the wealthy,

Who neither thank nor pray to their Lord,

For them is wealth,

Wasting truth,

For me is knowledge,

Using truth.

Verily, wealth weakens ones religion.

Remember me, so you remember the sentence.


The true believer made his days,

A book of prayers,

May the days be glorified!

Oh true believer, you shall be a victor!

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