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3 hours ago, Miss Wonderful said:

Somehow plz get all the whatsapp emoticons and put them on here so we can use in the forumssssssssss

Agreed !!!

I'd also love to see the return of the emoticons for "A.S." and "P.B.U.H." (as well as any other Islamic suffixes of respect). We used to have them until a year or so ago. Loved using those and it looked elegant.

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1 hour ago, Reza said:

Most of the emoticons currently here aren't used regularly. Only a handful. 

True, most are hardly used. A lot of the ones we have now could be exchanged for a few phrases of Arabic calligraphy that some of the people are requesting. I don't know how feasible that is. 

I'd be happy to see the return of the (as) calligraphy icon and others similar too. I've missed it. 

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