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Ramadan Mubarak Everyone!!

From what I have observed, theses are the different types of users that exist in Shiachat according to me.

1) The Hadith Ones - There are plenty of these. They have great structured answers where the hadith starts in Arabic followed by English translation.

2) The Comedians - They always havr to give straightforward and funny replies. These users manage to sneak humour in literally every post, even the ones with serious content.

3) The Therapist- These users are not much in number but I have noticed some. These users are very good in making other users feel better by showing empathy in comments. These users offer great medical and psychological advice.

4) The Sunni-Shia Obsessed Users- These users are obsessed with questioning Sunnis and majority of their content revolves around this.

5) Political Dudes- Obsessed with politics as the name suggests.

6) Creepy Likers- Lol they don't post much content, however they like everyones comment. Shiachat doesn't lack much of these.

7) Responsible Ones- Mainly the mature users who are always reliable to turn to in advice concerning social/family issues.

8) The Fatwa Ones- Don't mess with these users because they will catch you out with various fatwas of different scholars. 

9) Cool Science Users- Their mind revolves around science. These users are very interesting and come up with all these cool posts.

10) Spiritual/Dreamy Users- These are in their own dream world. These users might also be great poets.

Pretty sure their are many more types , but I could only think of these.

Feel free to fit yourself in any category. 

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Editing words that the OP asked to make. :)

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1 hour ago, notme said:

@hasanhh would you be #11, the eccentric uncle who sometimes conveys great wisdom in the guise of foolishness? 

Excused to the hallway, l see. I spent most of 2nd grade there so that is nothing new.

l thought l'd be identified as a "radical Islamic moderate" [:dwarf:<--"Behave Yourself" ],  or an "extreme eccentric"  :egg:

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I think that you're missing "legendary McLegends" as #11. They're amazing people and I would love to have one as a friend. Intelligent, kind, humble and all-round fantastic people.

I'm not saying that I'm one of them, but there's reports of a 13th century Arabic poem held in the British Museum that starts "سيله، سيله، و ما ادراك من هو سيله"....

It was apparently translated by some famous orientalists (they compiled a book of poems on legendary Arab people) as "Sila, Sila, and what will make you realise who Sila is....?"


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