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Tasbih Fatimah Zahra S.A

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Salam Alykom

Anyone who could help me find some reliable hadiths about Tasbih Fatimah Zahra S.A and how it should be done? A brother was asking me for some hadith sources regarding it but I couldn't really find any online. :)


JazakumAllah khairan


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Imam Ali said to a man from Bani Sa'eed:

...The Prophet (pbuh) upon hearing this, said: 

`Shall I teach you something that is better for you than a servant and a world with everything in it? After every prayer say: Allahu Akbar thirty four (34) times, Alhamdulillah thirty three (33) times and Subhan Allah thirty three (33) times then conclude that with la illaha ila Allah. Surely this is better for you than that which you wanted and the world and its belongings.' 

Thus, Fatima adhered to this glorification after every prayer; and it came to be known as `Tasbih Fatima.' 

'Abu Haroun, surely we command our children to adhere to `Tasbih Fatima' the same way we command them to perform prayers. So perform the tasbih, for whoever adheres to it shall never be miserable.'"

- (Bihar al Anwar)


The Prophet (pbuh) also says, had there been a better tasbih, he would have taught it to Fatimah (as).

- (Furu `ul Kafi, vol. 3, p. 343, "The Book of the Salat" ch. on "The After-the-Salat Du'a"', hadith 14.)


Imam as-Sadiq (as) is quoted to have said that these tasbihs every day after every salat are more loved by me than a thousand rak`ats of the salat every day.

- (Biharul Anwar, vol. 83, p. 332, quoting Thawabul A'mal, p. 149. Wasa'ilush-Shi'ah, vol. 4. p. 1024, " The Book of as-Salat ", chs. on "After the-Salat Invocation", ch. 9, hadith 2.)

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