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Backbiting Online?

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Salaam un-Alaykum!

I have a question. I'm new to this forum, and I was wondering that, if you reply to someone's post in a negative manner -- if you're telling them they're wrong or something (directly or indirectly) -- is that considered backbiting or geebah? I'm kind of worried because I want to make sure I don't accidentally backbite.

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    • If they surrounded you; first rule, stop, look at all of them directly in the eye and tell them, move out my personal space, we are having a discussion, this is not a fight. If you want to have a fight, let me call my boys you call your mamas, cause somebody gonna get hurt! easy to defeat atheists, ask, why is the state your master?, no, no ,no, we just obey, I mean follow it, they look after us?. But they make laws that you never have a say in it? but, but, they are smarter!. You admit to being dumb and thus need someone do direct you to the grass? So is that the reason why you are the slave of the men who own the money?. erm what do you mean you conspiracy theorist! That is when you got them. Then follow up with, is Sigmund and Dawkins their prophets?. If one follows the ideas of a particular men, thus they become their masters. Well why did you not mention Carl Jung?, he and Sigmund worked together before Carl decided he was a retard?. What about Kant? Socrates? Emerson? Plato? Plotinus?, the list is huge. One cannot enter such discussions without having read works of around 20 authors or more.
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