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Skirts for boys at private Highgate School

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40 minutes ago, Ali_Hussain said:


Ridiculous, why don't they bring in some psychiatrists to help these poor disturbed kids rather than encouraging this lunacy.

The psychiatrists will just give them pills. That being said, I don't think the school should be encouraging this, especially without knowledge of the parents.

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1 hour ago, notme said:

That's silly. Trousers are acceptable for men and women, so if they want a gender neutral uniform, wouldn't disallowing skirts altogether make more sense? 

No, its only right if its morally wrong.

For example, they encourage girls to be more loose and open about having more sexual partners, to be more like the guys and as such "equal". But God knows they would never encourage the opposite.

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Meh, im not too considered about that, nothing really "recent". What I am considered about is the new fashion trend that society seems to be taking in with open arms. Have you guys seen Kanye Wests new clothing line, the "yeezy" collection. THEY LOOK LIKE BUMS, mind you, each outfit you see costs in excess of $4,000, some even more. Let me repeat that, FOUR-THOUSAND-DOLLERS-

We now live in a time where dressing like homeless people is considered trendy



Image result for kanye west yeezy clothing lineImage result for kanye west yeezy clothing line

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