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Companion of the Truthful (The Poem of Companions)

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سبحان الله

Salam Alaikum, oh brothers and sisters around the globe.

Jazak Allah Khair.



A scourge was born,

He spread rumours,

He had lust of war,

His name was Al-Taji.


He slit throats,

He fought with two blades,

He yelled at his men,

He was killed those who trade fairly,

His love was hate.


In the endless desert,

There was a tribe,

Not too far away from the men of Al-Taji,

They were blessed,

One of them was Faruk.


Faruk the Truthful,

He treated the cows with fairness,

He treated his mum with careness,

Not fitting for Al-Taji,

He heard about him,

So he ordered his death.


The men walked,

With lances larger than themselves,

Most of them was broken,

They had one order,

The death of Faruk.


As Al-Taji and his men arrived in the evening,

The tribe fled,

But Faruk was sleeping,

The men surrounded him,

Until Faruk woke up from his bed.


When Faruk opened his eyes,

He witnessed what was waiting for him,

So he came out his tent,

Holding five stones,

A miracle was born.


By Allah, the Greatest of All,

From He was the Message given as a Call,

Faruk arrived with the protection of his Angels,

He terrified everyone that surrounded him,

By He, it was His work.


Faruk threw the stones,

Two of them hit Al-Taji,

It was he,

The Truthful and the Companion,



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