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Mansur Bakhtiari

How do I find a writing job online?

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wa 'alaykum assalam,

You will have to be a little bit creative I think to make money from writing, because even mainstream newspapers publish articles that are submitted to them, they give some exposure to the author and they get a free article.

You should probably write about something that you enjoy - or better still from a financial standpoint, something that you think that a lot of people want to read about. Once you have a blog or a website that has a lot of traffic, you can make some money from advertising, or by doing affiliate marketing for a shop (you get a cut of the business that you send their way via their site).

I read recently that in the Uk, the sales of books, particularly children's books has been increasing over the last few years. The children's book market is a massive market with a lot of potential, if you can find a way to tap into that it could be quite lucrative. For example, I have an interest in the history of the monarchy in Britain, and was thinking of writing some educational children's books to teach history. Etc (heck that Harry Potter woman made millions from her nonsense kids' books)

Good luck in sha' Allah

* Also remember that as a French speaker, the French world is always years behind the English world, and whilst not everything that is popular among anglophones will necessarily be popular with francophones, you can still get some good ideas of future trends.

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