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Chaotic Muslem

What Professional Success Means to a Woman

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But all of the others require an individual to excel too. In a good workplace, each person success is everyone's success. 

To me, the most important measures of professional success are teamwork, organizational achievement, and constantly motivating each team member to excel, to go beyond what they have done before. 

Misery in a professional setting is poor communication, which results on unnecessary tension between individuals, repeating the same tasks over and over, competitiveness within the workplace, and generally inefficiency. I wouldn't work in a place like that for any amount of money. 

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The big broo-ha-ha now is having a passion for what you do, and I actually agree. That and being respected for your work, thats the highest level of success in my opinion.... which is seldom these days as everyone (myself included) works towards meaningless degrees pilling on thousands in debt all to land a "career" and become an office drone for the next 30 years. 

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11 hours ago, Chaotic Muslem said:


What is your opinion on this chart? I think that the source of all problems with a woman as my boss at work stems from the first bar on the left !




Great to see you back.:clap:

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