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The Poem of 17

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سبحان الله

Salam Alaikum, oh brothers and sisters around the globe!

Jazak Allah Khair.



Allah created brothers for the Stars,

A (1) Circle of Splendor,

Among them was a planet full of water,

A (2) Gift to the Thirsty,

So Allah created a brother for that too,

A (3) White Flock,

Oh People! A (4) Charming Gesture!


A (5) Faithful Shine it was,

(6) Guard of the Earth it was,

(7) Shine for the Believers it was,

(8) Felicity from the Lord it was,

A (9) Creation of Hope it was.

Oh People! A (10) Protector of Calamities!


Allah told the (11) Shining Companion,

"Obey me! I created you from fallen rocks!"

The (12) Companion of the Stars responded,

"We belong to You, Oh Forgiver of Sins!"

Oh People! A (13) Loyal to the Lord!


When the people of it's brother came,

To visit the (14) One who was never Lame,

(15) The Helping Hand told them: "Welcome! I am a (16) Token of the Lord. Proceed your visit!".

Oh People! A (17) Friend of Home!


I am talking about,

The Magnificent Moon,

Oh Lord, strengthen me in prayers!


For I see Your creations as indeed Your creations,

For I see Your properties as indeed Your properties,


Knowledge is only from Him!

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