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^^^ Shukran

An inability to set priorities is another "fall" indicator. Today, 05July, the Noon headline was the DPRK firing its first lCBM.

So when the actual news started the lead story was "how to find your dog" if it ran away during last night's fireworks.  :ko: 

Then some other nonsense piece. Thirdly, lCBM nuclear weapons carrier.


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Does the Pentagon follow SC?

Probably not, but here is a summary of a 'myopic" and self-aggrandizing study done by the War College.    Opine: no wonder -and thankfully- the founders of our Republic made civilian authority over the military an essential feature of our dysfunctional gov't.


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@Quiet one & @Bazzi_

l thought of this thread while watching this video on the Federal Reserve.

First 34 minutes (to beginning minute of Part Two) l'm sure you'll like. The next half hour is OK and you can skip the last 20 minutes as it is leftist garbage (-ed. opine)


and here is an interesting piece from webofdebt.com :  https://ellenbrown.com/2017/06/27/sovereign-debt-jubilee-japanese-style/#more-13253 

BoJ is now a "bad bank".

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spelin' in linc

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