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Racism on ShiaChat

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When people talk about indo-pak shi'sm, they don't meant it in a racial way. Rather, they refer to shia islam are practised within the indo-pak region. This does not mean we generalise or claim most are backward - or even many. But we aknowledge the following:


1. Nusayri's and ghulat of our era have tended to emerge from here [while in the time of our aimmah asws, they were arabs, so this is not a racial thing].

2. The rise of the 'malangs' [who are a diverse group]. This group may fall into ghuluw depending on how extreme they can get. Some malangs just don't really give importance to Quran, Allah, the Messenger [saw] and the real teachings of Ali a.s , but go into extreme's in love without knowing what message to hold onto and understand. Other malangs abandon salah altogether, replace their salam with other words, and are the more extreme shia's , who also self harm, go into ghuluw-type habits, and are volatile to many other shia's who may disagree with their views - let alone being brash with sunni's in the most callous mannner.

3. The rise of zaki's and speakers who know little about shia islam, or are extreme in their beliefs, have little scholarly backing, don't give any care if what they narrate has a source, or if that source is reliable.

4. Many akhbari's [according to an indo-pak brother , who told me there was a rise of this extremist group].


I remember talking to a shia living in india, who admitted most of the above, and told me there was a noha which said 'if Allah did not exist we would have Ali a's' or something shady like that.

As a literal indo-pak [mix] myself , i do not mean race obviously. Our iraqi brothers have some elemtns of their culture which are down-right bizzare and a mockery. Such as the women in iraqi centre's taking of their hijab, moving in a circle and tossing their hair up and down literally by crouching and doing a jump so the hair gets tossed over their heads [female relative told me and is eye witness]. Or the zoastrian-type fire thing they do with the ark [as if we weren't already known as majoosi]. I don't think it helps. sorry.

Many indo-pak shia's don't cut themselves, or their children. They place importance on Quran, Salah, the seerah of the Prophet [saw] and rather than merely praising Ali a.s, they take time to reflect on what he taught and recognise the prophet [saw] and his ahlulbayt [asws] are not the objects of our adoration[though we must praise them, and their rememberance is dhikr], but the ones to help us better focus on the creator - our ultimate goal.

Simila with iraqi's, irani's etc.





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Yes, see, as I also listed it before its not just food or crookedness etc but rather the worst treachery the Desis have done is with religion. Sunnis became Deobandi murderers while Shia embraced Nusayri/ghulat. In every majlis there will always be that one nusayri zakir who will waltz in and boldly turn the ahl e bayt (as) into deities. Always. There will always be that mullah on cia payroll who will sit on the pulpit and say that all who do not say aliyun waliallah in tashahud are of illegitimate births.

There will always be foreign nationals as prime ministers over the desi. The police will always be corrupt. The law will always be injust its why i always wrote "the pakistani injustice system" otherwise its a mockery of justice. Every fraudia will always be the elite here. Its a cesspool. I don't see much to appreciate and that was the point. You can call it hate and bias all you want but I have not stated a single false statement in my posts.

Basant is worthless, an event where loud music is played on roofs and people die of falling or having their throats cut and general lewd behavior is mandatory on basant. Does it make me like Desiism? Not at all.

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