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Al Hadi

Should I drop out of college?

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It can't hurt to give it a chance! From what I gather you're not yet a sophomore - it can be hard for people to find motivation so early on in their career. One cause of it could be that maybe you haven't yet declared a major or really decided what you want to do. In my experience once you find your passion you will never want to leave university. It's amazing, being able to learn from your interactions with others, hearing their stories and keeping an open mind to different ways of thinking, and being able to help your peers do the same is an incredible opportunity. Why does it bother you that your classes discuss things that you don't agree with? It's still interesting to know why they think so, and you might even find that some of your ideas weren't 100% correct.

Yes, parties and temptation etc exist. They will always exist as long as you live in some kind of human society. Iran is really not the pure sinless heaven everyone on SC makes it out to be, and I'm sure other countries are more or less the same. One way to stay immune to it is to have your own kinds of fun. Go hiking with your friends or bake cupcakes or have a movie marathon or whatever halal fun you like. Girls and parties are way overrated.

Anyway, even if university is not for you, don't drop out without a CLEAR plan of what you will do next. Getting married before you have figured out who you are is probably not the best idea, and it's not really fair to you or the hypothetical wife.

Good luck with whatever you decide insha Allah~ 

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Oh man! I'm the complete opposite. I think make the most of college, believe me working is worse. The set schedules and the social gatherings are annoying. I didn't have the greatest social life in college, but I made up for it and maximised on my learning experience. I took difficult but interesting courses. There's a lot of positives to college that you won't find at work, the ability to schedule your classes however you like, skip whenever you don't feel like going, studying hopelessly in the library at 3 am surviving on caffeine thinking you're completely messed up for an exam you have next morning but then seeing your classmates there and realising you're all in the same boat, judging silly liberals on your campus in silence through your computer screen, etc. Admittedly the social aspect, being far far away from home and lack of halal food was challenging to get around, but you can make up for it. It's all about perspective ultimately, if you choose to you can make the best out of a situation. It just depends how much you're willing to do that without giving up. Every stage of life involves doing things you won't enjoy, but that's life, you have to suck it up and do it, complaining and giving up won't get you nowhere.  

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you make some good points I have no problem sucking it up and taking pain but I want that to be me doing something I actually want to do I want the pain to come with something I'm passionate about.

anyways I worked it out with my mom she said i can leave college after 2 years with 60 credits if I want.

im happy and actually doing my homework now Lol. I feel so free. I don't think one needs a college degree to get a job or a good one. I think it is based off skill, hard work, who you know and what you know(which you can learn on the internet these days). 

Ill see what happens in two years. Maybe my situation with the opposite gender will improve inshallah.

thanks for the advice people gave.

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What is your major?  If it is some arts major then that will most likely not even help you get a good job.  Maybe you should switch to a science major where you do not have to take as many arts courses.  As to how you should deal with the opposite gender issue, try enrolling in online courses instead.  You should be able to get nearly half of all your credits transfered from some other online institution, there are quite a few very decent online programs now.  Your own school must have a few online courses.

The vast majority of people who drop out of school do regret it later in life, it will be much more difficult for you to attend school again later in life with added responsibilities. In most cases like your own, you sort of need to fix your attitude because there is a very good chance that you will be just as if not more miserable in the professional work place.  

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Dropping out is not the end of it. You may want to study another thig, it's never too late to start studying what you like. It may get you time to save up money for your studies but it's well worth it.

Studies are important not only (if any) for the employment. Studies are important for your development as a human being. 4 years are nothing. 4 years are a joke compared to how much studying and practice you will require after the university. If you don't like it, then don't study.

It's like those wh get a phD but don't do research afterwards. PhD is not a title, is not a goal, it is the first step. You don't like this first step? You are on time to go back and decide where would you like to go.

I do highly recommend you to study and et a bachelors degree though, for many reasons.

As for those who talk about profitable and non-profitable degrees and studies, money has little to do in terms of value compared to the world of academics, so don't belittle any field of knowledge. And ultimately rizq is with Allah swt.

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Salam OP, 

Please fill in any gaps if I've missed something and my points are irrelevant.

-Have you learned to understand the nature of your own mind? 

Meaning do you learn through doing? Do you have a gift of working with your hands in a technical or physical way? Learn how your brain works then do the thing where it is most comfortable. 

Psychology and Neuroscience has come up with really simple ways to figure this out and I'll provide some links if you'd like. 

Going with the flow of your nature is a lot easier than forcing it to do something it's simply not built to do. Know yourself as much as possible.

-I'll be bold and say- get married. I don't know who or what prolonged marriage for our children and I'm with those who say do it sooner rather than later. I'm sure you'll find a good person who is willing to be patient with the "savings, car, house" part. Pray about it and talk rationally with your family about it- but once your confident in your plan. You want to be taken seriously, act serious :) give them something tangible to listen to. 

-So if you decide you don't want a trade school (if you like mechanics or something) attend school online. My brain personally cannot concentrate in this way. At all. And I won't force it to. Maybe you'll be able to thrive in this setting from home :) comfortably. 

-Again, take a second and reflect. What are your life goals? Not what people want or societal pressure. What have you always daydreamed about and felt really good doing. Things that don't feel like is a waste of time but so when you want to relax. Thats a good indicator. Hopefully that will lead you to fulfill your duties Islamically as a man to your family and for your community Inshallah 

Maybe try to figure out where the anger and frustration is coming from and work from there. Everyone has a talent to contribute and you have a right to feel at ease in your surroundings. 

From your own hands inshallah you'll create it 



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Bro Hadi, Salamun Alaykum.

I also belong to a university where World open up its arms and call me to sin. But Hey, that not why the world is being created? Its full of trials.

Look, Your parents have worked really hard to put you where you are today. Backing off is not an option.

You should be happy that you are given an opportunity to do a Greater Jihad.

The Jihad of self. To drag your nafs away from sins.

Now coming to your studies, if you feel you don't your curriculum then apply to another course in any other univ if possible. It is a time when taking tough decisions are usual and common.

Find your field of interest.

It may be geopolitics, Language specialist, banker, sports analyst, etc etc.

We need more educated people to thrive our community.

We have enough great leaders in the field of Islamic sciences.

Don't just attend the hawza because nothing else is working out.

Those people attend hawza who thrive to study more than 12+ hours a day.

They are always on their toes.

Their life is full of struggle. They sometime don't even have a pay. 

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Be cool, stay in school.

Find out what you are passionate about and take it while you can. Because once post-college life kicks in, you might never get the chance again. 

People often talk about going back to school later in life, next thing you know you have bills to pay, a mortgage and a child. And hardly 5 minutes to chat with old friends on Shia chat! 

True story, RIP all those who came and left as life became busy.

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