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When I step out the door of my abode

Where the Wise Quran is recited melodiously

Where the burning fire called society does not scorch me

A pit of darkness and bleakness opens up at my feet

And as I step in it consumes me, shifting mind wherever they want it to be


The hole is these people, sober from worship

The hole is society, a rushing river of blood which carries away those who love it

The hole is the Great Devil, who oppresses its ignorant followers and its foes

Who eats from what they work for with a hearty, salubrious bite

But their work was done in his plate


Lust, greed and intoxication, with things worse than wine

Would supplication or reflective thought for a minute be a crime?

Their manliness is cowardice, their strenght is in their anger

Their power is in corruption, they dive straight into a river of fire

And they do not make an effort to be manly in their daily affairs


How can they have "good hearts," when they have not been intoxicated by the love of Allah?

How can they be intelligent, while they can not ponder on the thought that perhaps there is more?

How can they be eloquent in speech, when if their own mind suggests there is a path

There is perhaps something more, is what the human mind says, 

They push it away with drugs and lust


Freedom, a prison of ignorance, which imprisons you in the depths of Hell

Forgetfullness, a disease, which paralyses you from a drink in Kawthar

Life, a blessing, which we have corrupted and turned into our foe

Death, a light, which awakens the sleeping, raises the rank of the pious, and liberates the truthful


Surah Jumua Ayat 6

if you claim that you are allies of Allah , excluding the [other] people, then wish for death, if you should be truthful."

Edited by Mansur Bakhtiari

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