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A muslim man can marry an ahlekitab, but a muslim woman can only marry a muslim man. 

That being said, the Islamic rulings will now be examined. Both Sayyid Sistani and Sayyid Khamenei state that a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man, either permanently or temporarily. For instance, Sayyid Sistani, in the same book referred to above, states: “As for a Muslim woman, she is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim man at all.”

Regarding a man marrying a non-Muslim woman, there is a difference in the ruling between permanently or temporarily. According to both Sayyid Sistani and Sayyid Khamenei, per obligatory precaution, he cannot marry a non-Muslim woman permanently. Sayyid Sistani states in the same book: “Based on precaution, it is obligatory to refrain from marrying a non-Muslim woman in permanent marriage.” Sayyid Khamenei states on the Farsi section of his website in Newly Asked Questions that, “as per obligatory precaution, it is impermissible [to permanently marry a woman who is ‘of the scripture’ (Ahl al-Kitab).” The reason for this, according to some traditions, is that the man might be negatively religiously affected by his spouse. This would be intensified regarding a woman marrying a non-Muslim man.

But, regarding marrying a non-Muslim woman on a temporary basis, both Sayyid Sistani and Sayyid Khamenei allow a Muslim man to marry a Christian or a Jewish woman. Sayyid Sistani, in A Code of Practice for Muslims in the West, states: “A Muslim man is allowed to marry a Christian or a Jewish woman in temporary marriage.” Sayyid Khamenei states in the English section of his website that “there is no harm in marrying them [woman of the scripture, specifically Christian woman in the question] temporarily provided that the marriage contract is made in accordance with the Islamic law by the agreement of both parties.”

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