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A warning for shiachat members

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Unfortunately, there are cetain forums which i won't mention who seek to grow out their forum and so do this by luring unwitting members on here, who go there out of pure intention to defend our madhab, but sadly are ensnared in their trap. I would like to warn moderators and admins that:

1. These people PM users who are either weak in their faith, question shia islam, have reverted, and then anyone else.

2. Shiachat users are unfortunately posting on that forum, helping it grow, and thus allowing it to climb higher in search engines and gain more exposure.

We need members to please report if they PM you. They say 'don't let anyone know i messaged you' in their PMS, and they try to lure you onto their website.

I did a back-link analysis of that website, which is far smaller than ours, and they have tens of thousands of links pointing to them, which is only possible if they have intentionally tried to spam their site far and wide, and attempt to get it to climb up the search rankings. Google likes back-links - but i won't reveal all incase they aren't doing this [ won't exactly advise them how to have more exposure].

They don't debate here because apart from the layman among us, they regard those who know of our beliefs as unclean , dirty, filthy rafidah who are misguided and worse than jews [nothing wrong with jews, but that is their typical phrase]. The last thing they want is to post on shiachat and debate on here and help us grow instead. They would rather trick people among us who don't know better into going into their website and help them grow.

If you read this, try to warn others. I hope no-one is daft enough to take this warning as an excuse to go on such websites and post on them out of curiosity. Eitherway, my duty is only to help warn, i'm responsible for what i do, and you for what you do.

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On 3/31/2017 at 11:27 AM, QuranandAhlulbayt said:

We need members to please report if they PM you. They say 'don't let anyone know i messaged you' in their PMS, and they try to lure you onto their website.

If a person told me 'don't let anyone know i messaged you' I would report them. There are two ways to Report someone who sends you an inappropriate PM. Please see the post in the link below:


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Just a message to members of such forums, why not come on here and debate us on here? Why hide on there?

You are smart enough not to come on here and post and help us grow in the search rankings, while ruling unknowing members of ours to grow your weak website.

I am among the layman, and you know you can't lure the likes of nader zaveri, islamic salvation, q'aim, ibn al hussain,  cake , ozzy [and many others] because they possess knowledge of not just our works but yours and would take you to the bazar and back.

But you decide to lure the rest of us, or those weak in faith who have expressed doubts, or those who question, or those who have had issues with admins on here?

Come on here and face our best.

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