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Zayd, The Beggar of Wisdom (Part 2)

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سبحان الله

Salam Alaikum, oh brothers and sisters around the globe!

This is part 2 of the story, for you to read with patience.

Part 1: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235047606-zayd-the-beggar-of-wisdom-part-1/#comment-3024313




The example of his previous dynasty,

Who was born after the civil triumphant uprising,

Indeed, sorrow never came in his nerves,

For he was victorious in deeds,

But what did he do?

He was innocent,

From the beginning and his end,

But how?

He succeeded the oppression on his parents,

Who died after their illness,

But why?

There was no remedy for them,

Only Zayd was for them.



No creation ever touched him,

Except the ground,

Which protects the curse,

On Zayd.


Zayd was never succesful,

Never today,

Never tomorrow,

His ancestors were Arab,

His ancestors were Sogdian,

But why mixed?

Because he was noble for the world,

Even in ancestry,

But why the oppression?

There is no one he loves more,

Than a Force,

That is One,

On Zayd.



You are a remedy,

But when you say:

'What have I done to be a cure,

For the world of trouble?'

Indeed, Oh Zayd,

You are not alone.


Zayd grew,

He showed his example,

To any traitor,

To any enemy,

But did they listen?

They looted the home of Zayd,

They damaged his youth,

But why?

I am not corrupted,

To tell his love,

With strong truth,

On Zayd.



Who could be merciful to the wealthy,

Except Zayd,

Who could be merciful to the traitors,

Except Zayd,

Who could repent what they did,

After being innocent,

But how?

He was alive and well,

Before he was looted and screamed knell,

But why?


Your Lord followed you,

Even before you was a cell,

Submit to Him,

He never looks dim.


He was innocent,

He buried his own parents,

Not too deep,

Nor too shallow,

Indeed, sorrow never came in his nerves,

For he received no benefits,

From the dynasty that ruled him,

But wasn't he innocent?

What might did he had,

To create an uprising against them,

But why?

This dynasty is a curse from the traitors of Babylon,

Who lied more,

Than the people who break promises,

Even when they did so,

To Zayd.


To Be Continued (Insh'Allah) ...

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