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Transgender in Islam

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Is it required by law in Iran and other Islamic countries where transgender is considered permissible, for the transgender wife/husband to put forward her/his nature to the partner they are marrying first?

I was just imagining the situation if one did not know until after they got married and the complexity of the issue. E.g. if you wanted children, you would either have to take a second wife or divorce your transgender wife. I would think they would also have to undergo the full operation before being able to marry as well, right?



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On 2017-03-16 at 12:57 PM, IbnSina said:

If I remember correctly, there is a hadith from Imam Ali(as) where they asked him about such a person and the reply was that which ever organ the person uses for urinating is the one that defines which gender that person is.

This is only applicable to people literally born with both reproductive organs, not to people who feel like they want to be the other gender because they are mentally ill and I think most people who want to change gender nowadays or even see themselves as "non binary" gender are mentally ill and I blame the society they live in, they tell the men to be like women and the women to be like men and the food they feed them full of hormones left and right.

Thank you! We don't have to go any further. 

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