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Soldiers of Allah, March to Victory!

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سبحان الله

Salam Alaikum, brothers and sister around the globe!

Jazak Allah Khair.


Oh soldiers of Canaan,

March to Victory!

Oh soldiers of Finiqiyah,

March to Victory!

Oh soldiers of Jubayl,

March to Victory!


Indeed our enemy,

Wahhabi, Salafi,

Is a curse of Banu Umayya!


Oh soldiers of Khaybar,

Break the Doors!

Oh soldiers of Uhud,

Do not betray yourselves!

Oh soldiers of Badr,

March to Victory!


Indeed our enemy,

Wahhabi, Salafi,

Is a curse of Yazid and Mu'awiyah!


Oh soldiers of Ar-Rabb,

Heaven is near!

Oh soldiers of Al-Ali,

There is no shame!

Oh soldiers of Al-Aziz,

The path is straight!


Indeed our enemy,

Is Loud and Clear,

Deride the curse of Iblees!

Oh Allah bestow Mercy on Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhammad, Oh Kabir!

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