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Shia Venezuelan

Improve my english

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Your first priority is to not only memorize all the prepositions, but how to use them in -in English.

You probably already know the letters are a sound code. Know the vowels and how they change:

a ==aaah, at; with "e" =ate <---back to the letter's name, "A"

e == ehh ...

I == ih

o ==oh...

u == uh <--low tone

-le === uhl ...  apple, people,


1] "ea"  =  e`'e       e, sound with a dip in pitch, ear, hear, sear, near, dear, ...

2] "ea" = eh-ah` (ah drops in tone) tear, wear, pear, and bear [actually, 'bear' is pronounced "behare" as one syllable sounding a lot like "bahr" but people changed the pronunciation.]


As in "people", the "o" changes the pitch of the "e", similarly to the "A" in Aesop.

That is most of the "hard" part.

The easiest part is: a letter is pronounced as "half the letter name".

When you want l can explain "g" and others later. Write down your questions.

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11 hours ago, Shia Venezuelan said:

My English is very basic, I just master the verbs "to be", "to have" and "to do". What do you suggest me to improve it?

I think your English is very good.

If you want to learn more, there is an app called Duolingo (on phone or computer) which you can learn loads of languages from, including English.

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