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Oh Euphrates

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سبحان الله

Salam Alaikum, brothers and sisters around the globe!

Jazak Allah Khair.


Oh Euphrates,

I am thirstry,

What have I done that they block me from your entry,

Oh Euphrates,

I am crying,

What have I done to lose more than I gain,

Oh Euphrates,

I am broken,

What have I done in the past that they punish me,

Oh Euphrates,

I am bleeding,

What have I done to get more hatred than love,

Oh Euphrates,

I am sour,

What have I done to receive pain,

Oh Euphrates,

I am alone,

What have I done to lose my companions,

Oh Euphrates,

Your glance is my only hope,

Could you pass me your water,

Oh Allah, what a relief!

Oh Allah bestow Mercy on Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhammad, Oh Kabir!

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