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What is the meaning of life?

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The question of the meaning and purpose of life has been an important topic throughout human history. Man has always been in search of a logical answer to the question of philosophy and purpose of life, being the biggest question of his life. To answer the question, philosophers have, however, put forth different interpretations of the meaning and purpose of life. Some of these interpretations are materialist whereas others are illusions. Some philosophers are however nihilists, rejecting thus all things as meaningless. On the other hand, some philosophers believe that it is the belief in God that gives meaning to life, the belief that is practically realized through servitude to God. According to Islamic philosophy if human life is detached from belief in God it will end up in nihilism. Though most materialists do not accept this fact, not showing anything abnormal in their lives, there are however materialists who really realize how life is meaningless when there is no religious impetus behind it. That is the reason the rate of suicide is so high among those who do not consider any value for religious matters.  

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