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Ahmed Ismael

Boycott Samsung Products

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  I for one would advocate for the current worldwide boycott of Samsung


  The reason for the call has been the South Korea aggressive militarization and its placement of offensive racist American THAAD missiles on its territory.

  I say once again that the White North Americans of President Donald Trump's oppressive regime are murdering Americans at home in the streets as police officers that have not been vetted for White racist tendencies, albeit well hidden by them as they pass through the precursory interview process as new American service personnel returning home from overseas after a tour of killing non-Whites in foreign lands duty about to be hired on as urban police officers and handed service revolvers and patrol cars to go forth and put the Black people in their place,

  Now with Trump appointee 'Jeff' (no further formal name such like of Jeffrey or Jefferson) Sessions in place in the White racist American "Just us" department and issuing orders to "take the hand cuffs off of our police officers" and allow them to resume application of deadly force in city streets as they might wish, White America stands to make itself into a more racist and hate filled nation and government regime yet.

  White Northern European so called "Christian values" nationalist populist elements are now assuming full control throughout America and do intend to spread the same throughout Europe.

  America should not be a country allowed to intimidate people in other lands; not in Idlib and not in Seoul.

  The free people of China have good right to be concerned of this matter of growing racist White American belligerence.  

  Free people should stand up against racist aggression by Trump!





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I can't say anything except bravo. Truth is filtered in you. Currently Russia and China are against this foreign deployment.

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Umm.. I luv in Washington dc am a black muslim andno offense but everything you said was basically a lie. Black people are killed by policeless often then somone gets struck by lightning and trump isn't sending out police to murder us. As for the south Korea point you mentioned, well the north Koreans are building nuclear weapons and are about 30 miles from the souths capitol, so they need missiles to defend themselves.

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Ref to OP:  Huh?

The South Koreans are perfectly entitled to defend themselves. In June 2014 they began a L-SAM indigenous program to intercept launched missiles before they leave the atmosphere. A 450km lateral range-60km altitude in 80seconds or less --the standard minimum requirement. lt is to be fielded next year as per schedule.

The RoKs already have the SM-3 intermediate interceptor. The Raytheon SM-6 was approved for international sale this past January.

Besides, the RoK's "capital problem" is also significant. For the last couple of decades, if a war does get started, Seoul will be subjected to 55k artillery shells per hour.

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