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How to balance Islam with University??

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Maintaining imaan gets a bit hard when life is so busy and on top of that you have to keep up with university life. It is not like I am sinnning or anything but still all of a sudden I start to think less about Islam and don't have that drive that I use to have.

What suggestions do you have or any method which makes you are achieve this balance??

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Salaam brother, 

I can understand that. When life become busy we all forget religion. It is only for a trouble when we remember Him. My usual practice during my university days was that I used to read Quran and books while going and listen to Nauha, mankabat, watch videos while coming back. But that was possible since I had 1 hour of travel. 

Just make sure that out of the busy schedule you don't delay Namaz and don't miss on a majlis and mehfil. That will keep you floating. 


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Don't miss salah!!!

Wake up early. Salat al Layl gives you so much energy it is crazy (also if you go to bed after praying nafilah salah alm9st always you wake up early)

Use your breaks to do work and to eat

If you are feeling spiritually down go on ziyarat

If you are doing not so good you can say  يا رب زدني علما،  or I believe (forget the exact source but I know it is on duas.org) for math related subjects you can say "Ya Muhsini"

This is how I'm getting through high school, so hope this will help.

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