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Why not have forum ranks for members with certain amount of post counts? Or ranks for how long they've been part of this community? Everyone has 'advanced member' rank whether they've been here for 10 years or 1 month or whether they have 30k+ post count or just 100.

For example, have 25+ post count = member, 500+ post count = advanced member, 1000+ post count = senior member.

3+ years + 1000 postcount = oldschool

6+ years + 1000 postcount = veteran

10+ years + 1000 postcount = legend

This will add a little more taste to the forum and definitely encourage some members to be more active and post more. This might boost up the activity of the forum. Just a thought of mine to help with the activity.

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That's an interesting idea to have multiple ranks. But we'll leave that on the backburner for now, as it can be confusing.

For now, Basic Member, Advanced Member, and Veteran Member are fine. 

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