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Does anyone know about dream interpretations about seeing imam Ali A.S. in the dream. I saw him getting married to me in the dream which was quite scaring for me as he is my grandfather. If anyone of you sisters really know about dream interpretations please dm me and i'll tell you the whole dream cause i really want to know what does it mean.

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Sometimes, it happened with me too, A person took me to an area and there someone said, he is Imam Ali, I asked him if you are Imam then tell me what secrets I hold in my heart, he said me in anger, are you testing me. Imam Ali a.s never gets angry for questions relating to evidence and I know him. True dreams come to those who are pious persons, we are sinners. Ok, so do not confuse yourself.

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2 hours ago, Sindbad05 said:

You probably have been obsessed by wrong thoughts about religious views. There is nothing real in that dream. 

I dont think that Shyatan would come in the imam's image. I google marriage, it signifies Allah's care on his servants. It was the rest of the dream which was irritating me not this part. I really dont know tbh 

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