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Educate people or Ignore them

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Sometimes when you're talking about politics with other people, you start to get a sense of what their political views may be, and sometimes they may be completely wrong on certain things and they are extremely biased in their way of thinking. Do you take the time to educate such people or do you for the sake of avoiding just getting into a needless debate with someone with extreme biases, just ignore them? I'll give you an example, so yesterday someone I was talking to from college was telling me how Iran, Saudi and Syria are head of the UNHRC. That's not true, Iran and Syria aren't on the HRC. He also said what they all have in common at the top of their agenda is bashing Israel, which is also not true, because Saudi and Israel are pretty much in alliance against Iran, and also Israel deserves bashing no doubt. But you can see through statements like this that this person already has very misinformed opinions and a very deeply entrenched bias, is there any point in making such people aware of real facts? Or do you for the sake of sparing yourself a debate, of which nothing will come out most likely just ignore them and allow them to continue in their own ignorance. Its worth noting that this person is half-christian/half-jewish, and therefore has a pretty pro-Israel/anti-Iran bias. Do you bother debating such people?

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I think it was a way of telling you: "hey, I'm your enemy or I don't like you", at least that's my point of view. It is said that we should never talk about politics or about religion, in general I ignore them, but in this particular case, I'd answer him/her.

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