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Is this website legit to buy from?

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Salam all,

I was looking for the following quran tafseer: The Holy Qur'an : Text, Translation and Commentary : 3rd Edition : (Ayatullah Agha H. M. M. Pooya Yazdi and S. V. Mir Ahmed Ali). I found the website islamicbookstore.com and was wondering whether this book is legit? I think the webshop is run by sunni people. Is it legit to buy a shia book from them? Also, this edition is from 2002 is there a massive difference between this and the newer editions? Elsewhere this book is 60 usd bit this webshop has it for 35 usd. Hence why I want to buy it from here but I'm not too sure. Hopefully someone could help me to decide. Btw here's the link: http://www.islamicbookstore.com/b7778.html





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