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Kamaaluddeen al-Ismail

Jay Smith EXPOSES Christian Missionaries

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So the issue is propagating just now ? I have known the issue in 1990's.

The solution for Muslim is to open all their roots, literatures, histories, take example/sunnah and understanding from Ahlul Bayt a.s., so that Muslim can see large picture and outside of box.

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I was thinking about this last night, and I have realized that it is even more sick and twisted than it appears. Not only are they committing sins by lying and pretending to be Muslims while in their heart denying Islam, but they are causing Muslims to commit sins as well. When Muslims realize that there are Christians in the community pretending to be Muslims, they may begin to suspect their fellow Muslims of being Christian spies (it is human nature). Being suspicious of a believer without cause is haraam. Muslims may begin to treat other Muslims differently (especially converts) due to their fear that these other Muslims might be Christian spies. 


These people really are sick. 

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