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Salaamu alaykum everyone,

Please check out this new series that absolutely destroys all these anti-Islam YouTube atheists who think true Muslims are ISIS terrorists. If you like the video, please upvote it on YouTube + share on social media because the atheists are rushing to downvote them without watching them because they know they are getting exposed. Please also share your thoughts below in the thread:



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  • Recent Posts on ShiaChat!

    • Salam,  I just wanted to give my heartfelt and sincere apologies to the brothers and sisters for not being in contact with them over the past months regarding this project.  I think I took on too much with this. It was really affecting my work and also my marriage due to all the time it was taking, many messages that I had to respond to(I won't go into how exactly that part worked, but you all can probably take a good guess). When it started to affect my marriage, I decided that I really couldn't  carry on with it. I had to make an 'executive decision'. Although this project was important to me, my marriage and my family were more important.  I still think the project is a good idea, but I think there are some details that need to be thought thru a little more, like how the work will be distributed amoung the members of the team, and how and who will respond to messages. If anyone would like to continue the project, I could act as a 'consultant' but as far as 'day to day' operation, this would have to be done by someone else.  The personal issues I had because of this project actually lead me to believe that I shouldn't be advising anyone on topics of marriage (or anything else for that matter) since it seemed to me that I can't even handle my own marriage, which was in a downward spiral at that point (alhamduillah things are better now). 
    • The Group in question which I will not even associate the word Islamic was a rabid dog that bit the hand that was feeding it believing it was strong enough to be in a dominant position. The Saudis were originally funding these Wahhabi monsters to cause chaos in a country that was recently invaded by the US in which the US accidentally helped Iran gain a even greater powerful presence in the region. The Saudis did not like these neither did the US, so with oil money from the US the Saudis started to fund these radical groups. When the group in question got too powerful they announced a Caliphate directly challenging the power of  Saudi Arabia which sees itself as the leader of the Islamic world. This was a good opportunity for this new self proclaimed Caliphate because with the civil war in Syria and instability in Iraq they were able to spread extremely fast. Israel wants a divided Middle East and has been supporting these radical groups because Syria, Iraq and Iran challenge Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinians. Israel have even been accused of providing medical care and strategic bombing to help these terrorist groups which makes sense because the rabid dog has been rather kind to Israel, no attacks, no indiscriminate killing...makes you wonder. The US won’t intervene until Assad is toppled that is clear their bombing campaign does nothing compared the the Russians in Syria and the US are the middle man funding groups like FSA who support Al Nusra who support Guess who?! Exactly the rabid dog in question. This is much of the same tactic as Saudi Arabia just wait until there is good enough damage done in eliminating Iranian influence and place puppets in charge.  
    • If you want to know what the conclusion of an article is, as well as the arguments, then generally yes you have to read it. Otherwise, I will summarize here, then you'll reply with something I already considered in the article, and it will take a very long and frustrating thread to get the point across. If you have the time to post several comments on this thread, then you have the time to read it. It takes less than a fifth of the time to read than it does to write.

      As for science, part 3 deals with that.
    • In every church. The commands are 3.000 years old, from a time when Israelis still were polytheists and sacrificed animals to Gods on hilltops. In my understandng the idol ban was not a ban on photograps or sculptures, but a ban on worshipping Baal and other semitic Gods. Only the God Jahwe was to be worshipped by the Israelis.   
    • isn't there "Jesus/god" on the cross in about every  church?