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7 hours ago, Engineer73 said:

First of all, this is not "my" definition, it is available in science books as well as on wikipedia. 

Now if we assume a universe which has no boundaries, the state of sigulaity mentioned in big bang, from which expansion begans, would become meaningless.We have measured the rate of expansion and have an idea of how things are evolving.

The hot & dense state of universe prior to its expansion would not be called "hot & dense" if it had no boundaries. Several scientist view universe as an expanding balloon. And most important is the fact that energy would have escaped somewhere else, if the system of Universe has no boundaries. Space is a vacuum, can we produce vacuum in open atmosphere?  Is there any chance that you take something without boundary & create vacuum in it. :) 

At first place, you will never find a thing with no boundary and then there is zero chance of creating vacuum in it.


Part of your system definition involves being surrounded and influenced by its environment.  But nobody has any idea what, if any environment might surround or influence the universe if there even were such a thing.

Also, you mentioned a system as having spacial boundaries, but we have no idea what spacial boundaries, if any the universe actually has.

Some scientists have ideas of boundaries that may exist, while others suggest that boundaries may not exist.

The fact is that we really do not know. 

You know it was really no more than 50 years ago that universities had just began recognizing and teaching evidence for plate tectonics.  It has taken us much time just to understand what is right under our feet and before our eyes. The boundaries of the universe, if it has them, are something that is well beyond any form of observation. While we certainly have ideas of how the universe may have boundaries, the science hasnt reached a position of understanding.

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Expansion of space should not be confused with expansion of a spacial boundary

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