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Info on some of khamanei's(ha) fatwas

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On 1/25/2017 at 0:05 PM, Hassan- said:

Yes without make up. But with make up it is haram according to Sayed Ali al Khamenei(ha). This is the closest thing to his risalah which says so http://farsi.khamenei.ir/news-content?id=27847 .

imam Khomeini, shaykh bahjat Ayatullah Khamenei, Ayatullah Safi, Ayatullah Fazel Lankarani, Ayatullah Nori:  even without lust and fear of falling into sin it isn't permissible.

However some marjas say you can look if the women doesn't care about her make up, then its permissible, however even in this case Ayatullah Khamenei(ha) says based on obligatory precaution you still cant look. But since it is obligatory precaution you can go to the next most knowledgeable like Sistani(ha), Makerem Shirazi (ha) or some others that say in this case looking at her face with make up is permissible.

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