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Exams, please help.

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I'm about to enter my Junior years after the upcoming summer vacation. Now I need some help with how to remember things I've learned. Everytime when I learn something new I forget  it after a couple of weeks, I'm worrying about the upcoming exam in math which takes place in somewhere in may. I had an exam about algebra, and the teacher said I did good but I'm afraid I will forget everything I learned about algebra. Is there anyway to prevent it I should also say math is not my strong side.


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When i study, I study that subject as i am watching a movie. Try to relate it with real stuff. it will help you memorize quickly and you won't forget stuff that easily. 

But math is different it comes with practice so practice every day for like 30 mins. 

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I am (er..was) an A level maths tutor, what you are experiencing is VERY common in my students. 

we should take a step back, and think about what maths actually is, for your current level. 

you have different subjects within maths, for example trigonometry, differentiation, algebra, vectors and so on.

each of those subjects, has its own sub sections

lets choose algebra, so you might have FOIL, simultaneous equations, quadratics and so on.

the first thing, the main thing, is get a lesson plan/ syllabus for this term. this is critical. if you cannot get a lesson plan, then ask your teacher for a list of all topics covered so far.

now lets think carefully about maths. what is it? how do you do it?

no matter what subject or sub sections you do, all maths boils down to:

(1) figuring out what sub section the question is testing
(2) remember the rules for answering that sub section
(3) apply them to this question

theres a reason so many indians are good at maths - because all it is, is just a huge memory game and a lot of their education system is just memory recall. so all you have to do is remember the rules mentioned in number (2) 

the way I tell my students is to put aside time every day/ few days/ at least once a week and just go through a few questions from the start of the lesson plan to the most recent. no one is suggesting that you do 1000 questions each week, but for example when I was teaching my GCSE students, they could cover a couple of questions per sub section from the entire GCSE syllabus in about 4 hours. imagine how good they were, when I got them in the habit of doing that twice a week for a year. alhamdulillah my track record was 100% A*/A

to summarise: set aside time each week - try and do at least twice a week - to go through all the sub sections you have learnt so far. this will keep your mind sharp and memory reliable. 

if you have a particular type of question/ subject that you struggle with, by all means let me know i will help


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