can one who never prays go to jannnah??

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5 hours ago, certainclarity said:

@Hassan Y

Salam brother

I have heard of this ruling, but It is not part of fiqh which I take and agree,as I am of the belief and understanding that we earn what we sow, and no one will bare our responsibility which we abandon knowingly when we are aware of the truth of the matter, in the hereafter.

Salat which is the pillar stone of religion cannot be bought or done by others.

If that is the case many can dump their responsibilities and on the day of judgement tell God, dont worry my son has prayed instead of me, or God I had money, I bought my way to heaven.

As not performing salat on purpose as the OP mentioned, this leads to Kufr as abandoning salat is the distance between Kufr and Iman, I cannot purchase Iman, nor can my act of Iman be purchased by money.

Now whether God wants to over look Haq Allah and just take account of Haq o nas that is another thing.

But the OP and others are free to think otherwise.

This is my learning and understanding of taking full responsibility of my own short comings.

May God forgive us out of his mercy.


I understand what you're trying to say. His uncle performing the salat himself is a lot better then someone doing it for him we can all agree on that, but those missed prayers must be repeated regardless. If you for example missed a salat it's wajab for you to repeat it as qada, you will be punished for that missed salat unless you repent but if you don't repeat it as qada you will be punished harder and repenting won't make a difference. The same thing with deceased people, they will be judged for missing there salat but one still needs to repeat their prayers. You can't pay money for these missed prayer, you need to perform them no matter what. Most marjas agree on this, and they are a lot more knowledgable then we are on this matter.

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5 hours ago, Dhulfikar said:

Where is the proof for this statement? Our Imams (as) says no one can replace Salat but with return to it.

Sayed Ali khamenei says it and most marjas do aswell.

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14 hours ago, ali_fatheroforphans said:

I know this uncle of mine who passed away recently(may Allah have mercy on him) and I am close enough to know that he hardly ever prayed. The uncle was a great man and he was very kind-hearted.

I don't want to judge and I hope Allah forgives him and grants him jannah. But I just want to know that can one have any chance of jannah if one purposely considers salah not important and therefore misses it? Because i heard if this is the case then the good deeds are wiped away

May Allah forgive his sins and give him a better place in Jannah....


We cannot judge and tell who will go to jannah and who will not, but we could pray for him and hope Allah will have mercy upon us and forgive our sins. 

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