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مسرور جھنگوی کو ملا امن ایوارڈ

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اگر کسی فاحشہ کو جس نے ہر طرح کے ہیجان خیز فحش مناظر فلمائے ہوں کو اگر حیاء و شرم کا ایوارڈ دیا جائے تو شائد یہ اتنی حیرت انگیز بات نہ ہو جتنی حیرت انگیز یہ ہے کہ سپاہ صحابہ اور لشکر جھنگوی سے تعلق رکھنے والے ایم پی اے کو جس کی فتنہ انگيز تقاریر تک موجود ہیں امن ایوارڈ دیا جائے. یہ قوم کے لیے شرم سے ڈوب مرنے کا مقام ہے. 


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    • There is a popular saying: "Knowledge without deed is nothing". This saying applies to some of the things but according to my speculation doesn't work for everything. For example, if ilm is: "Allah is 1" and the practical deed one might say is to "avoid shirk". Now, I truly believe and I gain knowledge. How about proton, neutron and electron revolve around nucleus? And proton has other particles in it etc. What could be the deed of this knowledge? Is it just information, then schools and university are mostly focusing on learning information rather than the true knowledge?
    • Hypothetically they can, but it seems more likely that they will slow access to sites that don't pay a ransom, not cut them off entirely. 
    • This reminds  me the following  hadith:  Ali ul Ma'a ul haq wal haq ma'a Ali Imam Ali is with haq and haq is with Ali As.  Ali ul Ma'a ul Quran wal Quran ma'a Ali. Imam Ali is with quran and quran  is with Ali As.  (This also provides the evidence for the hadith thaqlayn.) wasalam
    • Yes i own a car and i drive as well .   Its necessity in this part of the world ...... Positive : Ease your movement  Negative : Normally i dont swear at all .but while driving i swear every minute ......:))