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Farsi Poem - Hindu Poet - Imam Ali (a)

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The poet is a doctor who follows the Hindu faith from India , He expresses his veneration to Imam Ali in this poem, which he recites at the presence of Ayatollah Khamenei


The morning breeze brought to me a salutation from Ali
Now I am on the path  like the rest of non Arabs to become a servant of  Ali

I,  with all my shortcomings how can I write a poem
that can cover the scope of the meaning  of what Ali stood for

Like a little kid that learns the concept of love from his mother
I am yearning to learn the meaning behind the Ali's words and deeds

Our salutation upon Ali the trustee of the Messenger 
Our salutation upon all the prophets and our respect for  Ali

I was saved from the ropes of this transient world 
when like a little bird of prey, I was caught by the Ali's wisdom

Ali Ali come to the Ali the high and Ali the highest (in station and proximity to God)
whose  holly name has sweeten all the seven spheres of reality

"Dont destroy your inner self like the dead hearted animals"
I am entranced  by this gold nugget from the saying of Ali

Ali is the king of the temple of love and oneness of God
All humanity would be intoxicated if they drank from the goblet of love from the hand of Ali

The way that Ali lowered himself at the presence of God in total humility and stood up for truth 
Is the example for the people  who stand up for truth or face down in humility(before God)

I am delighted that my poem has the scent of  boturab
As the mornings and nights take their pleasant Aroma from the Ali's breath

May God grant me success so like all other noble men
I can shout that Ali is my Master and I am his slave

Edited by Aftahb

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