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[FAQ] Shiachat.com Blog Rules

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ShiaChat Blog Rules

Blogs must follow the same guidelines as the Forums and the Chatroom, with the following additions:

1. Only Shias with Advanced member status may start a ShiaChat blog.

2. ShiaChat blogs cannot promote any other religion/sect.

3. A blog that misquotes any scholar (giving fake rulings, etc.) will not be tolerated.

4. Admins have the right to remove any blog post that is deemed unacceptable.

5. Any member who repeatedly misuses the blog will lose blogging privileges.

6. Only one blog is allowed; send PM to Staff to ask for permission for another blog.

7. Members are responsible for the content of their blog. Please keep a copy for your own files.

8. The blog of a member who is banned will be removed.

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How to create your own blog:

1. Click on the Blogs tab at the top of the homepage. 

2. Click on the button that says "Create a blog." 

3. Fill in the title name for your blog.

4. Click the "Continue" button. Your blog is ready!

5. Click on "Add blog entry" to write your blog post.

6. Click "Submit entry" to save your blog post. 

The next time you want to create a new blog post, do not create a new blog. Members are only allowed to create one blog. When you are reading your own blog, click on the button that says "Add Blog Entry." 

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