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kisii ko de ke dil - mirza ghalib

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1. kisii ko de ke dil koi navaa-sanj-e-fuGHaaN kyuN ho?
na ho jab dil hee seene meiN to fir muNh meiN zubaaN kyoN ho?

[navaa-sanj = singer, fuGHaaN = clamour]

2. woh apnee KHoo na choDenge, ham apnee waz'a kyuN chhoDeN?
subuk-sar ban ke kya poocheiN ki ham se sar_giraaN kyuN ho ?

[KHoo = habit, waz'a = conduct/behaviour, subak_sar = light headed/
unsteady, sar_giraaN = arrogant/proud]

3. kiya GHam-KHwaar ne ruswa, lage aag is muhabbat ko
na laaye taab jo GHam ki, woh mera raazdaaN kyuN ho?

[GHam-Khawaar = comforter, taab = courage/patience,
raazdaaN = friend]

4. wafa kaisi? kahaaN ka ishq? jab sar phoDna THehra
to phir 'ei sang_dil tera hee sang-e-aastaaN kyuN ho?

[sang-dil = hard hearted/merciless, sang-e-aastaaN = threshold]

5. qafas meiN mujh se roodaad-e-chaman kehte na dar hamdam
giri hai jis pe kal bijlee woh mera aashiyaaN kyuN ho?

[qafas = cage/prison, roodaad = report/statement]

6. ye kah sakte ho "ham dil meiN naheeN haiN" par ye batlaao
ki jab dil meiN tumhee-tum ho to aaNkho se nihaaN kyuN ho?

[nihaaN = hidden]

7. GHalat hai jazba-e-dil ka shikwa, dekho jurm kiska hai
na kheeNcho gar tum apne ko kashaakash darmiyaaN kyuN ho?

[jazba = desire/feeling, shikwa = complaint,
kashaakash = struggle/dilemma, darmiyaaN = between]

8. ye fitna aadmee ki KHaana-veeraanee ko kya kam hai?
hue tum dost jiske, dushman uska aasmaaN kyuN ho?

[fitna = quarrel, KHaanaa-veeraanee = ruinning of home]

9. yahee hai aazmaana to sataana kis ko kehte haiN ?
adu ke ho liye jab tum to mera imtihaaN kyuN ho?

[adu = enemy, imtihaaN = examination]

10. kaha tumne ki "kyoN ho GHair ke milne meiN ruswaaee ?"
baja kehte ho, sach kehte ho, fir kahiyo ki "haaN kyuN ho?"

[ruswaaee = disgrace, baja = right/correct]

11. nikaala chaahata hai kaam kya taaanoN se too 'GHalib'
tere be-mehar kehne se wo tujh par meharabaaN kyuN ho?

[taaanoN = taunts, be-mehar = unkind/repulsive]


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