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Career Advice for youngsters here.

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I may not come across as a wiser user here, but to the surprise of all of you, I started off my financial career at the age of 17, and now I am 34ish. and run a semi-multinational SME at my own. anyhow, I see a lot of youngsters brothers and sisters frequenting this website, So I wanted to share a bit of piece of advice, that may help them in choosing as well as excelling at their current career.

1. Relevant Education. Plan Well, before or shortly after the high School, that where you are heading to., since your future career is going to depend on that. It's painful to see, people who had chosen different majors and eventually ended up in different careers.

2. Keep your expectation lowers, in our age, almost everyone is qualified, and when you actually have spent a large sum of money on your education as well, so one would expect a return right after the graduation, this could be true for few people, with good PR and social circle, and they end-up with with a good job, right after the graduation, but for most it does not work out well, there is nothing disappointing, most people tend to have a very 'humble' career start.

3. Avoid procrastination and be more productive. Due to tough competition in both jobs or entrepreneurship, the 'market' is not the same, as it used to be, so how exactly you can excel at your career, when everyone around is almost as qualified as you., oh well! we just need to go back to parents advice, 'Hardwork' .... some might think Hardwork mean, doing 10 hours a day.... but that still isn't enough... unless you are 14/hr/day... I don't even count it as 'hardwork'.... this also depends on the financial goals you want to set for yourself.... if you are eager to take the lead in your career, then most of them work 14hrs/day.... and in addition to longer working hours, they avoid 'procrastination'., procrastination is a disaster for younger ones and at early career level.

I rather feel fortunate that back in 1998 when I actually started my career off, I only had dial-up and only Yahoo to surf.... yes there was IRC chat.. but that's all.. there were no smartphone, no facebook, etc... so I ended up spending more 'online' on productivity than on procrastination, that probably I confess, I do it now., but still it's 2:00 am here.... so to make up for that... I have literally extended my working hours to 14-16 hrs per day (most sundays too)... so I actually do end up doing the 'real' work too.

4. Do not follow others. Yes it's natural to get inspiration and learning from others, actually most of us, improve on the same way, however what it actually meant, that something that could have worked well for one person it necessarily can't for you. So first of all, try to discover your inner self, your strengthens and weakness... and only choose your career based on that, than someone doing well in their career. Only choose a career that you think is suitable for you based on your personality, qualification and tendencies and obviously specific personal circumstances., and then indulge yourself in it and never look back. 



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