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Metaphysical Dimensions

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@Gaius I. Caesar

I am writing this post just to share what I have in mind and it does not mean that I have intention to teach somebody. If I have wrote wrong, I will be happy to get it corrected so that I may more credible information about this topic.

As in physical world, there are three known dimensions which we take into account in scientific fields. There are two known dimensions in the metaphysical world. Those dimensions can be classified as positive and negative. Positive dimension is related to good values and negative dimension with bad values. However, the purpose of both these dimensions is positive and that is to grant human beings knowledge about nature of both these dimensions by comparing one with other. Positive dimension helps us to understand negative dimension and negative dimension helps us to understand importance of positive dimension. Elements of positive dimensions are all good values such as truth, justice and so on so forth. Elements of negative dimensions are falsehood, injustice and so on so forth.

Sources of Dimensions

All actions such as speaking, listening, watching, doing an act, feelings such as anger and patience, and nature of understanding the importance of subject whether one should be hasty or slow.

Confused Nature of Human beings

Sometimes, it becomes very  difficult for human beings to separate whether his actions are good or bad. And because of such actions, it leads them either to positive dimension or to negative dimension. The only criteria to check whether an action is leading them to positive dimension or negative dimension is to understand whether that action is in agreement of Allah (SWT) or not. If such action is in agreement to the orders of Allah (SWT) action leads to positive dimension because Allah (SWT) is always right and error is something that is highly unacceptable to Allah (SWT) and if an action is an error or mistake, it leads one to negative dimension and destroys a man. Sometimes, it may happen that one may think that he is doing the right thing but it is wrong and sometimes a person may think that he is doing the bad thing but he is right. For example:- Keeping patient against the oppressor when he stands against a pious man, is an act of cowardice and keeping patient and believing in a pious man while he is punishing a wrongdoer is an act of high merit. Those who stood silent when Imam Hussain a.s was fighting did a greatest sin ever and doomed their lives. However, those who helped Imam Ali a.s to stand against Muawiya was a best deed. Both of those actions bore punishment and rewards for the people for their respective attitude. It is, therefore, necessary that the actions must be weighed in the "balance of Adl or Justice" that whether I what am I doing is right or wrong or is it contradictory to Allah's injunctions. 


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Though one feeling of 'positive' or 'negative' is dependant on the quality of information. You might be fighting say Imam Husain عليه السلام based on the info that he was disturbing the peace, in which case one's perception will be that he is doing the right thing by preventing his cause. Likewise, it is only when one has the correct information that helps him change his mind. The point here is, how does anyone know their positive or negative perception is in actuality the correct perception. What may seem like absolute truth and gives off a positive feeling may be completely false. This also applies to understanding of astrophysics and medicine, where many myths felt true and positive only to be discovered that it was completely false. How do you establish the scale itself in the first place?

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