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Need help with Logic Course

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A cousin of mine , a university student, has asked me for help with her logic course. Apparently, she has ended up with a teacher who is contempibly inept at the subject. Now I don't even have the layman's knowledge of the subject but she seemed so lost that I didn't have the heart to turn her down. 

So shiachatters, come to my rescue. :helpsos: Do you know of any books that explains the basic concepts and terms of logic in simple language. 

P.S If anyone has a soft copy of logic for dummies, can they please share it with me. :P

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1 minute ago, Irfan1214 said:

Tell me sister, how do you find such emos? I want these too. These are funny :D


You click on the emoticon icon which is present on the top right hand side of the reply box -> catagories -> 78. Scroll down to see all the emoticons.  

Errr.. are you any good at logic? 

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@starlight tell your cousin to google the topic she is studying on her syllabus. followed by space, followed by either "type:.edu" or "type:.harvard.edu" or "type:.ppt" (without the quote marks). if she wants UK university course material, use "type:.ac.uk"

this will give her results only for that topic only from american university course material. if she wants to only use course material from a particular university then she can just use type:.<university domain>

for example I searched for "types of dna type:.ac.uk type:.ppt" and got this: Bath university lecture slides a bit of practice and you can really find anything you need


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Your cousin can look up 'categorical syllogisms' online. l had this in college.

l am guessing to a large extent because l do not know what kind of logic course your cousin is taking. Last week l came across the 12th Century John Buridan who wrote on the "new" Aristotle Logic. "Logic" has its own history, not always dominant in the intellectual history of the West.

Maybe they can get a simpler handle on the class by surmising the syllabus.

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@starlight There's an online (free) course at Stanford University starting in a couple of days. Labelled as an introduction to the subject.


Oops that course seems to take a computing perspective. Here are more humanities oriented options:


This may be useful:


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