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Aladin from Azra tribe

Qarmatians took Ka'aba

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If we read the Qur'an about Mesjid-ul-Harem, "safe city", "mother of towns" and other things which we, 1400 after, can associate with city of Mecca in S. Arabia today, then we have to ask one simple question:

How was it possible that a few thousands of the people kill the people who were doing hajj some 300 yrs after Muhammed Mustafa sawa, take Black Stone of Ka'aba with them for more then a 20 years? 

They didn't return it to Mecca, they left it in Iraq and it was recorded that they left the message: "By command we took it, and by command we have brought it back." Who's command? Why they did it? No jihad against them? Nobody stopped trading with them?

Btw, it was recorded that Black Stone was broken in 7 pieces. Is this true, because I see that Black Stone now as a solid one.

These people, as you probably know, were known as Qarmatians. 

I have read some of records about them in sunni and non-Muslim sources, and I wonder if there are some of shi'a sources, especially Isma'ili sources.

Associated with this topic, I'll ask again: did any of imams a.s. ever done hajj in Mecca?

Do you think that most of informations you got came to you by magic or only what killers of imams a.s. allowed to be recorded?

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I believe it's distorted by Umayyad and Abbasid among with Seljuk and ottomansBlack stone is like pagan worship before islam came.

Alevi only be respect but do not worship it

It’s not the trivet but the fire gives the heat, 
The miracle is not in the crown but in the khirkah 
Whatever you’re searching for, search in yourself, 
It’s neither in Jerusalem, Mecca nor in the Hadj.

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My interest is not about Qarmatians, it's about (other) Muslims. There was no war against Qarmatians for what they done and, as I said, nobody stopped trading with them. It was not as in 1979 for a few hours, this was for more then 20 years.

We accepted many things without any evidence, just from narrations, which obviously came from "dark ages", when all informations were filtrated by khalifas.

This is why I still wonder if any of imams a.s. done hajj in Mecca! I know this sounds as a silly question, but if being in Mecca during the hajj was not important to h. El-Huseyn a.s. and his nearest, why should it be important for us? Did anybody of his progeny ever went in Mecca for hajj? Did they live in Mecca? If h. Muhammed Mustafa sawa and h. Fatima s.a. and h. 'Ali a.s. and h. El-Hassen a.s. and h. El-Huseyn a.s. were born in Mecca, why nobody of imams a.s. after lived there? Did they ever visit it? Is Mecca just pre- or post-Saudi fairy tail?

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