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Haji 2003

[TRASH PIT]Pakistan top for something

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Not sure if I believe this. US should be number 1 for that. They produce the most indecency known to man. Also, Iran=Uranium, what? 

Sources: CIA, NYTimes, Bloomgberg, UN, The Economist...yeahh not the most honest organizations.

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4 hours ago, magma said:

@Pearl178 Sorry, apparently Oman isn't the best at anything. 

Read the fine print on the map: very small countries excluded. 

3 hours ago, E.L King said:

Wait, Iraq has the most oil wealth? I thought Saudi Arabia and/or Venezuela does?

The map in the OP is not real news. It's fake news. The guy behind the infographics website is a satirist. See informationisbeautiful.net/about/ 

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